When A Classic White Shirt Is Anything But!

Leonard White Shirt

Who says a classic white button-up shirt is boring? Not us! 2023 Spring fashion collections are proving just the opposite. Yesterday's trusty work-wear companion is turning out to be one of the most fashionable items in our closets.

This sportswear "staple"- once part of the stuffy business wear or school uniform crowd - is taking center stage in the fashion arena. Long sleeves or short, long hems or cropped, made from crisp cotton, drapey linen, silk, or eco-friendly Tencel™ ... women are snapping up more than one to add a fresh look to their wardrobe.

Talma Shirt

Today many button-up shirts can be worn alone, over a sleeveless tank, or even as a light weight "jacket" - or dress if it's long enough. The styling choices are endless. Grab a belt and cinch your waistline. Tie a short colorful scarf at your neckline for an accent. Tuck the shirt in or if you're adventurous, try the half-tuck for a different look. (To do this, undo the last one or two buttons on the button-up shirt and tuck in just one side of the shirt, leaving the other out). A basic white shirt is a blank canvas and you are the artist. Go ahead! Be creative!