What Is a Shacket & Why Is It the Ultimate Layering Essential?

Even though we absolutely love our breezy summer styles, there’s just nothing better than creating unique transitional outfits during the time when the seasons change. As temperatures start to drop, you might realize that the time for layering is just around the corner! A new trend that we’re adding to our lineup is one for your capsule wardrobe. The shacket is where we see fall fashion heading, and we love it!

What is a Shacket?

A shacket is the marriage between an overshirt and a jacket that can be lightweight and layerable or warm and wooly. Learn more about how to style a shacket and our top ensemble recommendations for your new shacket from the fashion experts at Velvet Heart! 

Types of Shackets

Now that you know what a shacket is, it’s time to consider the different types of shackets. While the basic shacket is simply part jacket and part overshirt, there are still a plethora of different options to help you choose the perfect piece for every type of weather and occasion. Some shackets are light and layerable, while others are textured and lined. You can find plaid jackets for an autumnal aesthetic, soft neutrals and muted pastels for a professional look, and even oversized shackets that offer a little more warmth and style than a basic button-up.

How to Wear It

A shacket is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. You can throw it on over your everyday look as outerwear or wear it as your main shirt over a pair of jeans. It’s something you can wear with nearly anything. Whether you’re heading out of the house for work or play, the shacket should be your first choice! With so much variety in texture, material, color, and silhouette, there are so many styling options.

How to Style It

You now know what a shacket is but maybe you’re still wondering how to style a shacket. If you want to create a sleek polished look, we recommend throwing a neutral shacket over a turtleneck with a pair of wide-leg pants. It can provide a new spin for classic pieces without reducing their sophisticated vibe. Do you prefer something easy and laidback? Opt for a plaid shacket with a wool collar over a ruffled blouse with a pair of joggers. You can top nearly any ensemble with this closet must-have shacket.

When to Wear It

You now know what a shacket is, and you have some ideas of where you can take this look. Are you ready to take on this whole new wardrobe piece? We say, yes!

At Velvet Heart, we think it’s always time for a shacket once the weather cools down. So grab yours and start experimenting with layering for fall and winter weather today!

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