Velvet Heart’s Guide to Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe

Creating a Sustainable Closet

With the world increasingly experiencing the effects of global climate change, many industries are moving towards a more sustainable business model. Fashion, in particular, has experienced a shift away from transient, trendy styles because of the physical waste and carbon pollution it creates. From utilizing renewable resources to offsetting carbon footprints, there are many things that we can do to ensure we’re creating more sustainable wardrobes.

While Earth Day is only celebrated one day a year, you can do more for the environment year-round when you choose sustainability in fashion. Check out our blog to learn more about how you can shop smarter and make a difference today!

1. Choosing Sustainable Materials

One of the most important ways to help protect the environment is by choosing clothing that is made with eco-friendly materials and renewable resources. Natural fibers, like recycled cotton and organic linen, are a great choice, but other advancements in the fabric industry can help you create a more sustainable wardrobe.

Tencel™, in particular, has made huge waves in the fashion industry because the USDA certified it as a biobased product, as it’s biodegradable and compostable. The low environmental impact of producing Tencel™ has even won it a European Award for the Environment! In addition, it’s considered better than denim and chambray for a sustainable closet, even though they share many of the same style and construction characteristics.

2. Look For Timeless Styles

The next step in your sustainable wardrobe is going to be a little tougher. You have to let go of the idea that you need to get the newest trends into your closet, shopping seasonal styles that just pile up in the dump when you toss them out each year in favor of the freshest release. Instead of jumping on trends that will disappear in less than a year, opt for fashions that have a classic, timeless silhouette. You want versatile, durable pieces that can weather the shifting winds of the fashion industry to ensure you always look effortlessly sophisticated and stylish.

3. Opt for Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Many manufacturers are taking it upon themselves to offset the carbon cost of making new clothing. Some are transitioning to renewable energy sources for their factories, while others are turning to recycled fibers for all their garments. By minimizing returns, reducing overproduction, encouraging sustainable consumer behavior, and decarbonizing retail operations, manufacturers can massively reduce their carbon footprint and offset emissions.

When you choose to shop brands that are making strides towards eco-friendly practices, you’re doing your part to create a more sustainable wardrobe.

4. Shop Versatility

Our final tip for creating sustainable wardrobes is shopping for fewer pieces. By minimizing quantity in favor of versatility, you can create the perfect selection of seasonal and timeless pieces for a capsule wardrobe that can handle anything. From winter to summer fashions, make sure each clothing item you buy can do double or triple duty in multiple outfits to reduce waste.

Feeling inspired? So are we! Take the pledge to shop for sustainability when you choose Velvet Heart clothing today!

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