Velvet Heart’s Fashion Gift Guide

Our Fashion Gift Guide

Does the fashion lover in your life always seem to know what’s cool just before everyone else catches onto the big trends? Are you looking to get ahead of the curve and surprise them with an amazing gift that speaks to their unique sense of style? It’s time to check in with the fashion experts at Velvet Heart to discover timeless looks even your most stylish friends will absolutely love! Explore breezy, California-inspired fashion gift ideas for your free-spirited friends and family with the Velvet Heart fashion gift guide.

1. Essential Basics

Whether you’re hoping to help create the perfect capsule wardrobe or you want to give your friends the base they need to build complex and original ensembles, basic essentials are always a great gift to give. From easy-to-wear blouses to cardigans for effortless layering, everything in our basics collection can inspire fashion-minded individuals without breaking a sweat! Discover new and seasonal pieces — added every week!


Discover the newest alternative to denim that’s the perfect choice for fashionistas who love the denim look without the stiff fabric. Our TENCEL™ collection is full of blouses, summer dresses, joggers, and so much more that exude laid-back vibes with lightweight pieces that have an amazing drape, soft texture, and long-lasting durability! Find the perfect pieces to gift with our fashion gift guide.

3. Loungewear

With the new world of work-from-home opening up additional clothing possibilities, your friends might find themselves looking for a lot more loungewear to make working from home a whole lot more comfortable. Help them find the most comfortable pieces with a twist of style when you explore the loungewear collection at Velvet Heart. Check out graphic sweaters that wrap you in comfort, ruffled tees that are as equally suited for errands as they are for Zoom calls, and cute two-piece sets that make settling in for a nap between meetings easier than ever!

4. Fashion with a Cause

Sometimes, it’s important to say something with your fashion choices. Many fashionistas choose self-expression as their primary goal, but there are lots of things you can say with your clothing. From fundraising for a cause to exploring sustainable options through eco-conscious brands, we understand that fashion can be about something bigger.

One of our most charitable collections is the Women’s Heart Health collection. Through this very special series, we hope to drive research into women’s heart health to create a stronger, healthier future. Velvet Heart is donating $5 from each heart-print shirt sold in this shop to the American Heart Association’s Life Is Why Campaign. If you want to join us in supporting the American Heart Association and women’s health, shop this fashion gift guide collection this holiday!

Get Inspired

At Velvet Heart, we offer so many amazing and versatile pieces. Whether you choose to buy a few items inspired by our fashion gift guide or you decide that a gift certificate is the way to go, we’re always here to help. Reach out to our associates for guidance about fashion gift ideas, materials and care, sizing, ordering, and more online or by phone!

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