The Guide to Dressing Up Your Body Shape

Have you ever wondered what clothing styles will best flatter the shape of your body? First step, look in the mirror. Ask yourself, what shape am I? An hourglass, a rectangle, a pear or a triangle? Here at Velvet Heart, we have clothing to flatter any body shape!


The woman with an hourglass body type has a well-defined waistline with bust and hips in proportion to one another. Think Marilyn Monroe! Fashions that emphasize a narrow waistline help showcase curves, and luckily for this woman, high-waisted pants and skirts have come back in style. Belted & cinched waists, shirts or thin sweaters worn tucked in, all create that lovely hourglass silhouette.


A rectangular body shape is defined by a straight up-and-down silhouette, with little definition at the waistline. Layering topssweaters, and jackets can help add dimension and shape to a rectangular body shape. Flared pants and jeans can help create the appearance of curves and balance out a straight silhouette. Very popular in the 60's and 70's, flared bottoms have since made a huge comeback in fashion. Wear with a cropped top to balance out the proportions of a wider leg. And again, try a belt or other accent at the waist line to create more curves.


A pear body shape is defined by a smaller upper body, with wider hips and thighs. To create balance you might try a slimming A-line skirt and pair it with a fuller top. Longer tops can also disguise large hips by creating the image of a longer torso. 


A triangular body shape is defined by a wider upper body, with narrower hips and thighs. Tops with v-necklines can help elongate your torso and draw attention upward, away from wider shoulders. If this is you, try a top or dress with a V-neck top as a flattering option. And note, a cinched waistline and fuller bottom can make a triangular body look more hourglass in shape.

Structured jackets can also balance out wider shoulders. Think jackets that aim for a slimming effect, such as a traditional blazer, belted trench coat or a slim cut denim jacket. When choosing a structured jacket, it's important to consider the fit, the material, and the overall style. A well-fitted jacket can flatter your figure and create a sharp and sophisticated look. The material and color of the jacket can also impact your look, so consider what vibe you’re aiming to create.

But finally, when you come down to it, there is no single "perfect" way to dress your body shape. You should always wear what makes you confident, happy, and comfortable. (Just be sure to take that last look in the mirror from all angles before you head out the door). Need more inspiration? Shop our New Arrivals collection to find the right clothing for you!

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