Playful Prints: Adding Visual Interest to Your Outfits

At Velvet Heart, even though we love the subdued elegance of neutral hues and classic silhouettes, we also appreciate patterns, prints, and colors!

If you’ve struggled to put together a patterned outfit in the past, our team is here to help. Explore our breakdown of a few print outfits and pieces to discover how you can add some visual interest to your capsule wardrobe.

Print Tops

Briella Water Color Button Front Blouse ($88)

When you hear the words “print play”, you probably immediately think of floral designs, polka dots, or animal print. Well, we’re here to tell you that you have so many more options than you think. In addition to traditional prints and patterns, there are also many unique asymmetrical designs out there, like our Briella blouse in pastel watercolors.

Whether you choose simple stripes or complex cheetah, a printed top is one of the easiest pieces to start experimenting with patterned outfits. Just throw on your favorite pair of jeans and choose a printed top that’s calling your name! Denim is considered a neutral, so it’s effortless to build patterns on top of it. If you want something a little more elegant, a pair of booties and a blazer will elevate your look while ensuring that your print top is still the center of attention!

Print Dresses

Carlotta Black Floral Maxi Tank Dress ($98)

Ready to go a little bolder with your printed outfits? Take your look to the next level when you choose a patterned dress. We love making the dress the outfit star by keeping shoes, jewelry, and other accessories simple. You don’t have to mix and match any other patterns unless you want to wear a jacket or a shawl.

With most dress prints, we love keeping our outerwear simple, but there’s always the chance you want to make a big statement with a patterned outfit when you blend two prints into one look. As long as you have a themed thread to match the two prints (like the color or the type of print), you can make it work!

Subtle Print Outerwear

Jonas Utility Jacket ($92)

Sometimes less is more. Opt for a subtle print for your outerwear with a print lining that can be shown off when your sleeves are rolled up! Our Jonas Utility Jacket perfectly showcases this look with a khaki/taupe striped lining. Add some visual interest to your outfits by rolling up those sleeves to show off this playful, subtle print!

The Perfect Balance

If you’re like us, you have a minimalist capsule wardrobe to match each season. When you’re looking for printed pieces that complement what you already own, we recommend exploring our new arrivals for seasonal favorites! Create a refined patterned outfit today!

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