New Year, New Looks: 2021 Trend Outlook

You probably had a ton of looks last year that you couldn’t wear! Well, 2021 is the time to show them off. If your New Year’s resolution is to get out of your sweatpants more often, we have the 2021 fashion trend forecast you’ve been craving. Explore the trends that didn’t get a chance to shine last year and how they interplay with the looks people are loving this year!

1. Oversized

You’ve gotten used to  casual sweaters and comfortable sweatpants while lounging at home all day long. We’ve noticed that people want to keep this trend going, but make it fashion. Instead of having big elements all around, the 2021 fashion trend forecast says you need to balance something cropped and fit with something big and large. Try out a cropped top with some high-waisted, wide-leg pants or an oversized hoodie with some bike shorts.

2. Belts

While belts have always been a practical accessory, it’s time to look at them in a whole new light. Statement belts with big buckles and unique materials are one way to elevate an outfit, but a belt is also essential to shaping an outfit around your body, breaking up a monochrome ensemble, and taking a look from casual to formal. Our 2021 fashion trend forecast finds that belts are going to be heavy hitters in the year to come.

3. Contrasting Colors

Another important element of our fashion forecast is the 2021 fashion color trends. We always look to Pantone to set the tone with their color of the year, and they have delivered with two colors that work together to stand out. The first, Illuminating, is a sunny yellow hue that exudes light and positivity. The second, Ultimate Gray, is the perfect neutral foil that introduces strength and practicality to create balance.

Playing with contrasting and balancing colors is a 2021 fashion trend forecast that we’re really excited about. Look out for our own Cali-inspired 2021 fashion color trends with Tencel® styles that are matched with bright gem tones. What colors will you pair together in printed shirts and patterned dresses?

4. Matching Sets 

You thought matching sets were only for pajamas and loungewear. Well, you thought wrong! Our 2021 fashion trend forecast has a heavy focus on  matching sets that you can wear out and about. Take the opportunity that a monochromatic look offers to play with unusual accessories like chunky shoes, layered necklaces, or statement belts.

Matching sets can be as simple as a color-blocked loungewear outfit or as energetic as a throwback to tie-dye drop shoulder sweaters and low rise shorts.

5. Big Sleeves

We’re not talking about the big shoulders and padding of the 80s here—our trend forecast is going even further back to the puffed sleeves of the 1800s, the ruffles and cinching of the 1930s, and the peasant sleeve of Medieval Europe that saw a resurgence in 1970s American fashion. Paired with  sleek skinnies or leggings, we believe in letting our sleeves do the talking when creating an effortless look around a unique blouse.

Have you found some style inspo in our fashion forecast for 2021? Explore our  new arrivals to discover the perfect pieces for the New Year.

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