Must-Have Floral Prints for Spring

Nothing screams spring quite like the perfect floral print. Done right, this girly style can look as fresh and new as spring. But when it comes to florals, there’s a fine line between effortlessly-chic and an old floral tablecloth. Not to worry, because Velvet Heart is here to show you how to get your floral outfits right every time.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Floral Outfits

From the intricate gowns of Marie Antoinette to the grungy shift dresses of the ‘90s, floral print has been around since...well, pretty much forever. And for as long as there’s been floral print, there have been floral fashion disasters. Who hasn’t looked back at their 80’s floral prom dress and cringed?

Our do’s and don’ts help you avoid any fashion faux pas with your floral outfits. We geared our list towards the girl who wants to look fresh and fun but still classic and put-together. Follow along, because we’ll show you how to nail your dresses, bottoms, and floral tops for spring every time.


Floral Print Do’s

  • Big and Bold - Pay attention, because the first item on our do’s list can easily stray into don’t territory. When going big and bold with your floral outfits, look for bright colors and pastels rather than washed out, dingy ‘80s colors.

    We particularly love the bold look for bottoms like chino shorts, cropped pants, and skirts. When styling separates, make sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral. Pattern-on-pattern is not a good idea here!

    Elisa Red Floral Ditsy Dot Button-Up Shirt ($88)

  • Abstract Designs - Artistic floral prints are one of our favorite floral do’s. Big, watercolor-style designs look just right on floral tops for spring. This look works with pretty much any color palette, but light colors make this style extra-feminine. We also love deep, rich colors like crimsons and blues for a sophisticated-update on this classic look.

    Elisa Ivory Retro Garden Button-Up Shirt ($78)

  • Bright colors - Springtime is cause for celebration, and there’s no better way to burst into the season than with bright-colored floral outfits. When rocking this look, proceed with caution, as clashing colors fall into the territory of a fashion don’t. Instead, look for one or two bold, complementary colors and keep the rest of your outfit neutral.
  • Small floral prints - Small floral designs are ultra-versatile and truly timeless. We love this style because it’s appropriate for all occasions and looks great on pretty much everybody. Look for ditsy prints and classic English tea designs to really capitalize on this understated floral look.

    Elisa Yellow Ditsy Got Button-Up Shirt ($88)

Floral Print Don’ts

  • Childish Prints - When choosing your floral designs, steer clear of anything that looks like it belongs in a nursery. After all, if you’re going for a timeless look you don’t want your outfit to bring back memories of the second grade!
  • Patchwork or Prairie Prints - The prairie-print look is one ‘70s style that’s best left in the past. While we love a good retro design, the patchwork floral trend looks a little too much like something that was stored in the attic for too long. We say skip it!
  • Mixing multiple patterns - When choosing your floral tops for spring, make sure to keep your bottoms solid and vice versa. Floral is one pattern that generally does not play well with others! If you do decide to mix patterns, make sure to keep your contrasting layer relatively neutral and complementary in color!

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