Mastering How to Tuck in Your Shirt

Tucking in your shirt is meant to polish a more casual outfit with an effortless air. At Velvet Heart, we know many different ways to tuck in a shirt, and we’re here to share them with you! Each type of tuck exudes distinct levels of formality and requires a bit more precision than you may think.

Learn how to tuck in your shirt like a pro with this overview from the team at Velvet Heart!

1. Full-Tuck

The fully tucked-in shirt is really just for professional and formal occasions. When you’re heading out to a job interview or meeting with the board, a fully tucked-in blouse or button-up is the preferred style. When learning how to tuck in your shirt with a full tuck, keep in mind that the entire hem of your blouse is meant to get tucked tightly into your pants or skirt. In fact, it may even look like your top and bottoms are a single piece!

We love creating a full tuck with high-waisted bottoms or paperbag pants so that your shirt stays tucked in and smooth at all times. Trying to do a full tuck with low-rise pants often results in an uneven tuck and leads to frequent retucks throughout the day.

2. Half-Tuck

The half-tuck way to tuck in your shirt is definitely the most casual option you have. It’s carefree and tousled in a way that says you care just enough to look good. We recommend a loose blouse or shirt with high-rise bottoms to make this tuck work.

A button-up is the easiest way to learn how to tuck in your shirt in this style. Leave the bottom part of your shirt unbuttoned, and then tuck only the side with the buttons into your pants. If you’re trying this look with a blouse without buttons, it’s a little more difficult, but the principle is the same; just tuck half of the front portion of your shirt into your bottoms.

3. French Tuck

Also known as the front tuck, the French tuck is ultra-versatile. You can use this for everything from tees to formal blouses. And, it works with any style of bottoms, too — from low-rise to high-waisted. It’s perfect for oversized shirts that make you look bulky when hanging loose because tucking in the front gives you shape and defines your waist. The only time we would skip the French tuck is if you’re wearing a chunky sweater or long tunic.

When learning how to tuck in your shirt in the French style, take the middle of the hem of your shirt and lightly tuck it into the front of your bottoms. Loosen the fabric a little, leaving the sides and back completely untucked.

Switch It Up

These tucking-in styles are meant to create a balance between sophisticated and casual. As you’re practicing, you’ll notice when you can leave your tuck a little bit messier. Try learning how to tuck in your shirt in different ways to refresh your go-to ensembles and create new looks!

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