Master the Art of Layering Clothing

Many people assume layering just means throwing on multiple tops or bottoms to create a unique look. However, layering clothing is an art and takes a little bit of practice to improve. You can layer to create a variety of looks that range from chic and edgy to breezy boho. When it comes to layering the Velvet Heart way, we strive to ensure that all of our clothing effortlessly mixes and matches so that you can layer with nearly anything in your closet.

While we have made layering an outfit a little bit easier, we still have a few tips to help you create the perfect look. Check out our top tips for how to master the art of layering clothing!

1. Think Fabrics

Having a few different textures when layering is essential in helping to differentiate the pieces you’re wearing — especially if you love neutrals or monochrome ensembles. Texture adds depth, contrast, and interest without having to match colors or prints. Cotton, leather, wool, and lace are all perfect layering textures that we absolutely love! If you’re not sure where to put that one contrasting texture, we recommend the middle of the outfit, like a blouse or vest.

2. Choose One Bulky Piece

Layering clothing is a theme for cold weather days, so you’re often looking at multiple sweaters or jackets to wear together. You can definitely throw on a cardigan, sweater, and coat, but keep your thicker pieces to a minimum (so you don’t end up with an overly bulky ensemble). One chunky knit sweater is more than enough to make a statement, play with texture, and add interest to your outfit all at the same time.

3. Play with Patterns

You might already be a pro at mixing and matching colors, but many people worry about adding more than one print into the mix when layering clothing. Don’t be afraid to choose two bold prints. As long as you have a thread to tie them together, they’ll look great. We prefer using two unique prints with matching colors, like black and white polka dots with black and white florals. You can also choose the same print in different colors, like pink hearts on a white blouse and blue hearts on a black sweater.

4. Mix & Match Lengths

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Many people start layering their clothing and give up because they find their outfits looking too layered. The best way to avoid adding too much bulk is to have several different length pieces. As you move from inner clothing to outer, make each piece slightly longer to elongate and slim your body. You might start with high-waisted pants and a cropped blouse. Next, throw on a regular-length vest, top that with a long cardigan, and finish off the outfit with a structured shirt jacket!

Start Experimenting

Layering an outfit is all about experimentation. Pick out some of your favorite pieces and check out how they look together. If you feel like you’re missing a piece or two to finish off a look, check out our new arrivals to find the perfect seasonal clothing for your ensemble!

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