Look Polished with Plaid: Tips for Styling Plaid Shirts

Plaid patterned clothing exudes a casual energy that’s great for a number of occasions. However, plaid can still be a little bit more sophisticated if you style it just right. If you’re looking for plaid shirt outfit ideas that are unique and versatile, Velvet Heart can help you out! Check out our suggestions for styling plaid shirts and shop our collection to find the perfect piece for your next fall ensemble.

1. Color Coordinate

Most of our plaids are made up of a unique patterned colors, stripes, and squares. In order to seamlessly blend your plaid with the rest of your outfit, we recommend choosing neutral or complementary jackets and bottoms to create a simple outfit. You may want to wear a pair of jeans or find some joggers in a similar tone as your top.

2. Wear it Unbuttoned

If you’re going for a casual look with your plaid shirt outfit idea, we love wearing a piece that isn’t buttoned up. Wear your plaid shirt as a throw-over to create a shirt jacket outfit. You can go for an easy option with a white shirt underneath your plaid overshirt or opt to match the colors in the plaid print.

3. Keep it Basic

Plaid is a complex pattern, so you don’t need to elevate the rest of your outfit with another print. Avoid overdoing the patterns in your outfit when you pair your plaid with basics. You’ll let the plaid print shine, keep your look casual, and create an effortless plaid shirt outfit idea. Opt for a denim bottom and color match your shoes to your top, or wear a plaid skirt with a silky blouse on top.

4. Accessorize Your Plaid

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It can be tough to accessorize plaid, but Velvet Heart is here to help. For your next plaid shirt outfit idea, consider choosing an understated scarf to complement your shirt or a long necklace to draw the eye down to your shirt. We also love to see felt hats and booties when styling plaid shirts because they make us feel like fall is truly here!

5. Elevate the Print

Plaid isn’t just for casual occasions! You can step up the style with this print for business casual attire, too! To elevate plaid, all you need to do is look beyond plaid shirts and on to plaid vests, blazers, skirts, and dresses. Consider structured styles that hint towards refinement while letting the print shine.

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Most people have at least one plaid piece in their closet, but it might be time to gather a few more. Explore the variety of plaid options at Velvet Heart to discover more plaid shirt outfit ideas you can’t wait to show off!

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