How to Style a White Button-Up Blouse

Wearing a button-up shirt has long been the go-to answer for professional settings, like interviews and meetings. Often worn with a pencil skirt or a pair of trousers, this style is definitely in need of a makeover. Nobody wants to present that stuffy, stiff energy anymore – not at work and not when they’re out and about. In recent years, you may have seen designers and celebrities wearing button-up shirts in unique, relaxed ways, including as coverups over bikinis or shackets over mini dresses. It seems like everyone believes in repurposing this versatile top into something a little different!

If you’re considering how to style a white button-up top for everyday casual wear, it’s time to explore a little guidance from the experts. Check out our recommendations for how to style a white blouse and join the hordes of celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, Jessica Alba, and Lori Harvey, who are stepping out with a button-up worn in trendy and refreshing ways!

1. Over a Party Dress

Your mini dresses aren’t just for parties and clubs anymore! If you want to ensure they look as natural during the day as they do during the night, consider pairing even your slinkiest little black dresses with a white button-up. Get more mileage out of clothing that makes you feel beautiful when you mix formal and casual styles.

How you style a white button-up for this look is important, as you don’t want to cover up the dress. We recommend choosing an oversized silhouette and wearing the shirt completely unbuttoned. Throw on some flat sandals with a crossbody bag, and you’re ready to go out shopping or for brunch with the besties! You can amp up the volume of this look a little bit more with gold jewelry, like an anklet, a couple of bangles, and some hoop earrings.

2. With a Tee & Bright Pants

You want to learn how to style a white button-up top for the office, but you want to keep it fun and light. That’s an easy fix when you choose to get playful with the other pieces in your outfit. Instead of wearing your button-up closed, tucked into black or navy pants, opt to wear the top unbuttoned over a tank or tee. Make the star of the show a pair of gem-toned high-waisted pants for a splash of color that doesn’t quite go over the bounds of professionalism.

We love a good high-waisted pant, and for this look, we recommend a cropped paper bag cut that can show off a pair of loafers. The silhouette of the pant and the style of the shoe both enhance your professionalism without sacrificing the comfort of a casual vibe. Wear this outfit for casual Friday before heading out for a fun office happy hour!

3. As a Coverup

Who thinks of wearing a button-up to the beach? More people will now! So how do you style a white button-up for the water? Think loose and gauzy with a pair of wide-leg pants! Wear your cutest one-piece or bikini underneath, and then keep your outer layer totally breezy and relaxed. With the right materials, we promise that how you style your white button-up top will end up looking like resort wear – not pajamas. Look for tops and pants made of linen or silk for elevated style that will guarantee you turn heads.

The best part about this outfit is that it’s perfect for ultra-hot days, as well as cooler nights. The lightweight fabrics and white color will reflect the heat on the beach. Of course, when the weather cools down as you head out for dinner, you’re still wearing long sleeves to protect you from the breeze.

4. For Polished Travel

Many people struggle to balance comfort and not looking like a bum when they head to the airport. How you style a white button-up top for travel can help ensure a polished look that doesn’t prioritize fashion over comfort. Even better, the long sleeves provide an extra layer between you and airport air conditioning without making you sweat as you walk the long concourse to your gate!

So how do you style a white blouse for the airport? Easy! Wear your favorite leggings, a basic workout top, and throw on the button-up as a jacket. Complete the look with tennis shoes and a rolling bag.

5. Transformative Style

Kalsie White Blouse

While most of these suggestions on how to style a white button-up keep to easy trends that you can wear without tucking or tying, we do love taking button-ups to the next level with transformative styles. Consider modifying your button-up in different ways to change the silhouette and create a completely unexpected look.

A few of our favorite ways to change your outfit without giving up your button-up include:

  • Baring your shoulders and buttoning your top from the third button down
  • Tying up the bottom of your button-up into a summer crop top
  • Tucking your button-up into your bottoms with a French tuck

Velvet Heart Style

Kenya White Tie Front Shirt

At Velvet Heart, we’re helping inspire your outfits with our relaxed, California vibes that balance polish and comfort. With these ideas on how to style a white button-up, you have even more options to explore for every event and occasion. And when you’re looking for even more style inspo, we’re here with frequent blog and social media posts!

If you feel like you’re missing a button-up top to complete your wardrobe, we have tons of options to explore. Browse slim-fitting, oversized, and regular silhouettes to find the style that speaks to you!

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