How to Style a Shirt Dress 3 Ways

With all the gorgeous shirt dresses that are coming out these days, we thought it was only fair to spend some time focusing on this wonderfully versatile garment! From easy combos for play to upstyle ideas for work, learning how to style a shirt dress could soon make this garment your favorite piece. Join us as we review three shirt dress outfit ideas, and be sure to let us know which ones you’ve tried!

1. Keep it Simple with Heels and a Belt


The concept of a shirt dress started off simple. And sometimes, the simplest tips for how to style a shirt dress can quickly become your everyday go-to’s! The most basic way to style a shirt dress — besides just leaving it open, of course — is to add a belt at the waist and finish the look with some flats or heels. You’ll notice that many of our  tunic shirt dresses already come with a self-belt, giving you the option of simply adding shoes or switching it out for another of the belts in your accessories collection.

This look is perfect for a casual day out, laid-back house parties, and relaxed family dinners. For added warmth, you can easily slip on a pair of leggings or skinny jeans underneath and coat, jacket, or sweater on top.

2. Layer Over Leggings or Jeans

It’s amazing what a small change can achieve, and this is certainly true with shirt dress outfit ideas. With the same jeans or leggings that you donned in step one, elevate your look in an instant by adding a front-tie. In place of a belt, open the lower few buttons and knot the sections together at your waist. The ends of your dress should hang freely below, creating an elegant butterfly effect that’s appropriate for high-end events like a meal at a restaurant or a day at the gallery. Alternatively, wear your shirt dress opened over a cami or a tank and pair this with jeans.

3. Add Your Favorite Denim or Leather Jacket

Our final suggestion for how to style a shirt dress, especially during those cooler days, is to add a ladies denim jacket over it. This will add dimension to the ensemble and give you a more laid-back appearance. Choose a dark wash denim for the fall, and embrace white or bright patterns in the spring and summer. For something a bit edgier, swap the denim jacket for a leather one! Add heels, and you’re ready for a night out.

Streamline Your Wardrobe with the Versatile Pieces from Velvet Heart

Learning how to style a shirt dress in multiple ways is just one way to simplify your wardrobe and enjoy the same pieces time after time. As you’ve seen, casual, chic dresses can be styled in at least three different ways, and with a few different pairs of shoes, pants, and outerwear, you could easily push the styling options well past a dozen!

If you’re ready to harness the power of casual, timeless fashion, check out our collections of versatile, classic pieces and show us how you style (#VHMYWAY) for a chance to be featured.

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