How to Build a Casual Valentine’s Day Outfit With Timeless Appeal

You want a stylish, chic outfit for Valentine’s Day that plays up your best assets, but you don’t want to spend too much time or effort putting together an elaborate look. Discover tips and tricks from the stylists at Velvet Heart to build classic, timeless V-Day outfits that can take you from work to play with no effort at all.

The busy, modern woman doesn’t have time to plan multiple outfits for the day, and an overly formal or showy aesthetic isn’t practical for the ins and outs of life’s daily demands. If you’re ready to learn how to build a casual Valentine’s Day outfit that balances form and function while still evoking a sense of elegance and sophistication, explore some top tips from our fashion experts.

Consider Where You’ll Be Going

Many couples spend Valentine’s Day working before getting the chance to spend the evening together. You don’t want to rush home to swap outfits before meeting up with your partner, so take work appropriate attire into consideration when creating your look for the day. Since our brand is all about the classic Cali vibe — laid back, relaxed, and natural — our pieces are designed with an eye for versatility, style, and comfort. With Velvet Heart, it’s easy to create flexible outfits that transition seamlessly between your work day, your date night, and everything in between! Whether you’re meeting your SO at the movies or at a restaurant after work, trust in our ensemble suggestions to help you create a casual Valentine’s Day outfit that will still turn heads.

Shop our new arrivals to discover popular, seasonally-inspired designs without having to explore each category individually. If you’re just beginning your outfit building journey, start there first.

Settle on a Showstopper

When creating an outfit for a special event, building your ensemble around a singular showstopper piece will ensure that you dazzle all day and all night. Whether your showstopper is a dress, blouse, or pair of pants, let this piece speak for itself by keeping the rest of your outfit a little more neutral. Choose a showstopper based on whether or not you can wear it comfortably for the whole day as well as whether or not it’s appropriate for all the day’s activities. You don’t want to build a casual Valentine’s Day outfit that will have you constantly adjusting various pieces of clothing.


If a printed blouse is your centerpiece, choose a piece that’s themed or colorful to help you really feel the V-Day vibe. Our Valentine’s Day collection is full of fun, quirky tops and blouses with their own unique personalities. Try a heart print top with honey and yellow toned accents or a long sleeve burgundy blouse with a stunning velvet texture. Pair our tops with jeans for informal workplaces or sleek cropped slacks for a more formal atmosphere.


For big style and a bold personality, make your Valentine’s Day statement with an artfully selected pair of pants. Instead of choosing basic jeans to create your casual Valentine’s Day outfit, pair brightly colored or patterned pants with a simple tee or tunic. We love a bright red capri pant with a white blouse and heels. You can also find flowing printed skirts and flared high-waist shorts in our V-Day themed collection. Explore short A-line pieces that look great with a long jacket or striped, whimsical maxis that pair well with cropped blazers.


Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to dress overtly sexy in black leather or bright red. Sometimes, a flirty dress is the perfect balance between romance and effortless chic that’s appropriate for any location or occasion. Whether you choose a belted t-shirt dress or a skater dress with lace accents, you can build on top of it with laid back accessories like a blazer, booties, and simple chain jewelry to complete the effect.

Dresses are one of the easiest bases for a casual Valentine’s Day outfit because you don’t have to worry about pairing tops and bottoms. Whether you prefer a maxi, mini, or midi, throwing on a dress is a simple way to instantly create a put-together outfit with understated appeal.


Accessories can really take an outfit to its peak when chosen thoughtfully. Don’t forget to consider shoes, a bag, jewelry, and even hair pieces to finish off your casual Valentine’s Day outfit. You want to keep things functional, so don’t go straight to the stilettos, oversized hats, and chunky jewelry this year. Sometimes, less is truly more.


Depending on the colors you’ve chosen for your clothing, you want your bag to play off the themes already in effect. Explore an analogous color to create a monochromatic look or opt for a complementary color to balance an outfit that’s a little heavy in any one hue. You should also make sure your purse is large enough to carry everything you need for the day without getting in the way once you transition to your date night.

An oversized cosmetic bag could be the perfect piece to introduce some playful quirkiness into your casual Valentine’s Day outfit. We love creating clutch-like bags with printed patterns that have a lot of personality. From birds and pineapples to the classic California sunset, there’s something for everyone in our collection.


Whether you prefer gold, silver, or gemstones, there’s no need for your jewelry to outshine the rest of your ensemble. Avoid any clunky, chunky pieces that can get in the way while you work. Ditch the oversized rings and massive hoops in favor of more delicate pieces that shine when least expected. Delicate necklaces and bracelets won’t get in the way of your job, but they still elevate any look with timeless elegance and finesse.


The perfect shoes can be a tough choice when you have to balance a look for day and night. The easiest solution is to have an extra pair you can throw on once work is over, but if you don’t have the opportunity to switch out your footwear, there are two perfect options for any casual Valentine’s Day outfit: ballet flats and booties. Depending on your work environment, you should decide whether you can wear heels all day or you’d prefer to be in flats.

Ballet flats offer the minimalist tastefulness of a dancer as well as the comfort of a solid sole. If you choose booties instead, you can invoke a cultivated look without breaking out the four inch pumps. Both options are a little more sophisticated than hightops or sandals and can work to balance out a pair of jeans or a basic button down.


Choosing the right outer layer is crucial for giving your outfit a finished, polished look as well as ensuring that your ensemble can take you from a warm, sunny afternoon to a romantic evening dinner. Our collections feature a variety of outerwear options that are appropriate for any Valentine’s Day style you choose. From leather jackets to cardigans and sweaters, you can stay comfy and cozy while maintaining your chic look.


We love leather for creating contrast with softer fabrics like suede, silk, and velvet. Layer a comfortable leather jacket over a velvet blouse or silky dress for a maximum effect that is both polished and feminine. Part of what makes the California vibe so unique is the contrast between hard and soft looks. Build on this design strategy to create effortlessly modern looks that are casual, yet refined.


A blazer is the most work appropriate piece you can choose. Many styles provide comfort and flexibility that make this staple the ideal choice for daytime activities that need to transition into the evening. They can also alter your look to balance any outfit. You can use a basic black blazer to tone down an energetic ensemble or use a colorful, printed option to be the showstopper in your outfit. However you choose to play it, your casual Valentine’s Day outfit is made easier with a blazer in your closet.


Cardigans are another work appropriate choice for those who spend their days in chilly offices. They offer a lot more versatility than either a leather jacket or blazer, and you can find cardigans in any number of lengths, cuts, fabrics, and colors. Stay sophisticated and instantly elevate your Valentine’s Day look by choosing a piece that features unique embellishment or accent options.

Denim Jacket

The 80s and 90s are definitely making a comeback with denim. Denim has evolved to new heights with unique colors and even more styles than ever before. We love throwing a denim jacket on top of a more elegant piece because it plays up the contrast of two pieces that are meant for different environments. Rely on a denim jacket to complete your look to achieve the epitome of a casual Valentine’s Day outfit.

Something Off the Beaten Path

If you’re ready to take your Valentine’s style up a notch, a showstopping one-piece can provide the ultimate blend of character and finesse. Thoughtful styling and a little bit of confidence are all you need to perfect this look for day or night.

In essence, your approach to building a casual Valentine’s Day outfit around a one-piece should mirror how you would style a dress. Let the jumpsuit be your showstopper piece and choose neutral, complementary accessories to build it up and create your look. While a skin-baring romper may not be the right choice for the office, a jumpsuit will have everyone believing that you’re a fashion goddess.

Best for Work

For work environments that are a little more formal, you should be cautious with the jumpsuit styles you choose. Instead of a piece with thin straps or a shapeless cut, look for styles that have ¾ or full sleeves as well as belted waistlines and collared necklines for an authoritative, traditional look. You can also find slim-fit, cuffed styles that provide a more professional undertone than wide leg, unhemmed edges. Lastly, choose a jumpsuit that has invisible pockets instead of one with patch pockets.

Best for Play

A casual Valentine’s Day outfit that utilizes a playful one-piece allows you a lot more flexibility between day and night. If your workplace allows you to wear shorts or sleeveless tops, our collection of one-pieces offers you many additional pieces to choose from. Remember to keep your look elevated with classy shoes and structured outerwear. You don’t want to throw on a pair of sandals or clogs with a flirty one-piece because you’ll evoke a beach day vibe instead of a casual Valentine’s Day outfit that’s appropriate for any activity throughout your entire day.

Our Fashion

At Velvet Heart, everything about our designs is inspired by the California approach to care-free, chic style. Create a Valentine’s Day look that is relaxed and laid back without veering into sloppy or careless. We believe that great style can coexist with casual fashion — in fact, our collections are designed to elevate your day to day look with classic, timeless pieces that never go out of style. Whether you’re looking for a casual Valentine’s Day outfit or just comfortable pieces to add to your daily rotation, Velvet Heart is the perfect place to shop.

The Importance of Comfortable Clothing

Just because you’re dressing to impress doesn’t mean you need to squeeze into anything skin tight or uncomfortable. At Velvet Heart, we believe in delivering ultra-soft, flattering pieces that ensure you feel comfortable in your own skin. Everything in our casual Valentine’s Day outfit collection is in line with our mission to deliver clothing you can luxuriate in.

Shopping With Velvet Heart

At Velvet Heart, we want to make it easier than ever to build a casual Valentine’s Day outfit that’s perfect for your personal style. Explore everything from our seasonal lookbook selection and Valentine’s Day collection to clothing by category and discover cute V-Day themed pieces that will quickly become wardrobe favorites.

If you have any questions about clothing care, sizing, or styling, we urge you to reach out to our friendly customer service representatives for additional assistance. Call now to speak with an experienced Velvet Heart stylist and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know with all things VH.

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