Glowing in the Azul Classic Indigo Button-Up Dress with @iselinjt

This Summer, it's all about the summer glow and here at Velvet Heart we have the perfect style pieces to go with it. Fashion blogger, content creator, and mother-to-be, Iselin, showcases her own personal take on styling the Azul Classic Indigo Button-Up Dress. Iselin is ultimately living in the moment, basking in golden hour and hey, why not accessorize with a bouquet of flower. The Azul dress will not only have one radiating in smiles but also in style.

The  Azul Classic Indigo Dot Button-Up Dress has it all, from button-up details, to roll-sleeves and a tie-belt feature to complete the look. Don't forget the printed dot details over a soft blue chambray finish that adds a touch of comfort. The Azul dress is balanced made, since it’s produced from sustainably produced cellulose fibers known as TENCEL™.

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