Chic Ways to Wear Your White Shirt

Trends come and go, but the versatility of the classic white button-down is perpetual. It has the benefits of a blank slate and can be dressed down or dressed up. It can be knotted or tucked into our favorite pair of jeans, styled with a pair of relaxed sneakers, paired with a voluminous skirt, the list goes on… need we say more?

From the office to date night, and everything in between, consider this your field guide to getting the most out of one of the most underestimated pieces from some of our favorite bloggers.

1. Knot so basic

Leave a couple of buttons undone at the bottom and then tie it up. Note: super cute in summer.

2. Cute n’ collared

Do your buttons all the way up

3. Get tucked!

Do a messy tuck or go all in.

4. Roll’em up

Roll up those sleeves. Nuff Said.

5. Half ‘n Half

Done, but undone. Together, but not too much. Leave a couple of bottom buttons loose and tuck one side to reveal the waist. Très flattering!

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