Chic Labor Day Outfit Ideas

Chic Labor Day Outfit Ideas

Labor Day is upon us, and it typically signals the end of summer. The warm weather and hours out in the sun are quickly coming to a close. Labor Day is the perfect time to give your summer wardrobe one last hurrah and to start mixing those pieces with a few fall transitional staples. Check out these chic Labor Day outfit ideas from Velvet Heart to figure out which ensemble you want to wear for your Labor Day festivities.

1. Sets

Dollison Vintage Lavender Long-Sleeve Jacket ($98)

Ariel Vintage Lavender Paperbag Shorts ($68)

Sets are the easiest way to plan a cute Labor Day weekend outfit. Your top and bottom are already coordinated for you! A two-piece makes it look like you put in a lot of effort while really being effortless. Velvet Heart has a variety of lounge-inspired sets with both short and long sleeves, so you’ll be able to find a set for whatever the weather brings. If you want to elevate your look a little more, pull out some wedges, and you’ll be feeling summery in no time.

2. Oversized Button-Ups

Chelina White Long-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt ($78)

Are you planning on spending your long weekend on the beach or at the lake? Our Labor Day outfit idea for a beach-filled day is all about less being more. Get out your favorite swimwear and throw an oversized button-up on top of it. Instead of a typical cover up, stay comfortable and contrast masculine and feminine styles with this power duo.

3. Mini Dresses

Ella Catalina Sleeveless Lace-Up Dress ($92)

Mini dresses are always a popular choice for cocktail hours and brunch outings with friends, but you can make them the perfect choice for a Labor Day outfit idea when you pair them with sneakers. This is an easy, playful ensemble that mixes an elevated style with comfort. Look for sneakers that are white or neutral for endless outfit opportunities.

4. Fall-Colored Tops

Nella Rust Halter Knit Tank Top ($54)

Incorporating fall-colored pieces into your Labor Day outfit is a great way to give a gentle nod to the upcoming season. Look for rust, mustard, and red-colored tops in a button-up, tank, or blouse. Pair these fall hues with your favorite pair of jeans, capris, or shorts, depending on the weather. Make your outfit pop with unique jewelry pieces and accessories.

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