Celebrating Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Fashion

Tencel™ Fabric Clothing & Sustainability

Over the last few decades, sustainability in fashion has been a growing concern. As fast fashion utilizes more waste and causes more pollution than ever before,  Velvet Heart wants to talk to you about what it means to be an eco-friendly clothing line. As Earth Day is approaching, we couldn’t think of a better time to highlight this topic.

This past year, more than ever, we’ve become aware that creating a comfortable and safe home is crucial to both our physical and mental well-being. We’re determined to help our customers create a more comfortable lifestyle by offering clothing that looks great, feels soft and cozy, and considers our environmental impact. Learn more about how we rely on an eco-friendly fabric called Tencel™ and how Tencel™ fabric clothing is changing the face of fashion.

What is Tencel™?

Tencel™ is a  sustainable textile made from cellulosic fibers with a botanic origin. These fibers are a renewable resource because they’re developed from fast-growing woods like bamboo and eucalyptus. The manufacturing process to create Tencel™ uses recycled water in a closed-loop production process to ensure as little waste as possible.

Originally, Tencel™ fabric most closely resembled denim, but with a slightly softer, more malleable feel. Advanced technology has enabled the creators of this amazing textile to mimic the look and feel of luxury fabrics like silk, linen, and fine rayons. At Velvet Heart, we love using Tencel™ in everything from dresses and blouses to jeansshorts, and jackets!

Benefits of Tencel™ Fabric Clothing

Reduced Emissions

Because Tencel™ is manufactured from plant-based materials and requires minimal processing, carbon emission and water waste are significantly reduced. Tencel™ is especially eco-friendly because it has a reuse and recovery rate of 99%!

Better Quality Clothes

While manufactured fibers, like nylon and polyester, are much cheaper, they don’t have the same durability and longevity as other fabrics, like cotton, silk, and Tencel™. When you choose sustainable textiles, you’re getting stronger, softer materials that feel better against your skin and survive washing machines with less degradation. Tencel™ fabric clothing also has superior color retention, more breathability, and creates an unwelcoming environment for bacterial growth.

Our Eco-Friendly Policies

While Tencel™ fabric is really important to our brand, Velvet Heart is constantly looking for ways to improve the way we interact with the environment. When you  shop with us, you celebrate Earth Day every day because our dedication to sustainable practices passes on to you! Make a difference when you stop shopping fast fashion and turn to green, responsible brands, like Velvet Heart, today.

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